Jack Nicholson: 52 Years after ‘Cry Baby Killer’ stars in ‘How Do You Know’

Jack Nicholson is one of the more well-known actors who got his start with Roger Corman back in the 50’s when films were still shot in black and white. Nicholson starred in a variety of Corman movies, and even wrote The Trip (1967) which was a successful period piece starring Peter Fonda and Susan Strasberg.

Nicholson’s debut screen role was in Cry Baby Killer (1958) in which he played a distraught teenager who thinks he’s committed murder and holds a group hostage. Since then he has won 3 Academy Awards and many other awards too numerous to list.

When asked about his experience with Jack Nicholson, Roger Corman immediately smiles. He might mention his little known film Little Shop of Horrors which he shot in 2 days and 1 night, or he might mention his consternation that it took so long for Hollywood to recognize Nicholson’s talent. Either way, those early years were formative for both men, and the movies they created together may no longer be in the spotlight, but they played an active role in shaping the careers of Corman and Nicholson.

Here is Jack Nicholson in Cry Baby Killer:

And below is the trailer for the original Little Shop of Horrors, which has inspired the famous and classic remake starring Rick Moranis.

From Piranha to Black Swan: Mila Kunis

Roger Corman is known for discovering talent and helping launch the careers of many A-list Hollywood stars. A few have even been child actors like Jennifer Love-Hewitt in Munchie and Home for Christmas or Tobey Magquire in Revenge of the Red Baron. But today’s blog is about Mila Kunis who had a small role in the 1995 TV version of Piranha, a remake of Roger Corman’s original Piranha filmed in 1978, and most recently remade by director Alexandre Aja as Piranha 3D.

Mila has developed into a stunning actress. Her transition from small budget horror flicks to renowned television series and exquisite art films like Black Swan is a remarkable achievement.

Mila Kunis played the role of Susie Grogan who was terrified of swimming in the river.

Ironically, her stage mother assured her that there was nothing in the water except a few little fish.

Tension builds in little Mila’s eyes while the happy campers clutch their marshmallow sticks and listen to ghost stories.

But the child star manages to discard her fear of the river and save the day as the other little campers get munched on by a horde of starving piranhas.

Here is the original trailer for Piranha (1995)